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Home Energy Ratings (HERS) and ENERGY STAR® Homes Certification                   Accu-Spec is a RESNET certified home energy rating company (HERS Rater), and a proud partner working with EPA’s ENERGY STAR program, who performs unbiased third-party energy ratings. Homes earning the ENERGY STAR label are independently verified to have met EPA’s strict guidelines for energy performance. Energy Ratings are a point system (or index) by which homes can be compared as to their energy efficiency. The Energy Rating system we use is endorsed by EPA’s ENERGY STAR Program. A home’s energy rating (or HERS) is similar to the MPG label rating used on new automobiles.

More information about the HERS index can be found on our home page or at the web site and

Home Energy Audits & On-Site Energy Assessments
A comprehensive home energy audit can provide guidance toward the most practical cost-effective ways to maximize the home's energy efficiency from a "house as a system" approach. Our weatherization audits and home energy rating audits take into account all energy being used in the home including heating and cooling, water heating, major appliances and lighting.

During our site visits, we can verify that framing and insulation components are performing to their maximum potential using Infrared Camera Analysis. Infrared Camera Analysis helps us to target leaky areas of a home for improvements.

Homeowners receive on-site inspections as well as a computer-generated report detailing cost-effective home improvements that can dramatically increase the energy efficiency of the home.

Weatherization Assistance Program (WAP):                                                                                Accu-Spec works with local human resource agencies to perform weatherization assistance program audits.  These comprehensive home energy audits provide clear guidance toward the most practical cost-effective ways to maximize the home's energy efficiency from a whole house perspective. Our weatherization audits utilize The Department of Energy (DOE) software to find the best improvement alternatives and meet program objectives.

Other Services Provided:
Problem Solving: We have been inspecting and troubleshooting problems in homes for over 20 years. Often homeowners need help with comfort concerns, window condensation, foundation drainage, moisture in the attic and high gas or electric use. Our team is equipped with the experience and skills necessary diagnose and propose solutions to these problems and more.  We also perform Pre-Purchase Home Inspections and Building Inspections.  For more information about Home and Building Inspection Services please visit our website 

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